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10 No-nonsense absolute essentials for newborns and 10 good-to-haves for MOMs

10 absolute essential for newborns

We believe babies needn't be expensive. You can add as much jazz as you like to raise a little one only to find later that you could have done without. 

Being a mom is hard especially if it's your first time, no matter how helpful your family and friends are. A baby is a fragile new-being and takes time to adjust to the new world which is so different from the world inside the womb. The best thing you can give your baby is YOU.

For a mother, it's always a mixed feeling of joy and anxiety. Having personal experience of being a mom and inputs from several mom's around the globe, it's the JOY which prevails. Feel better already? That's good! 

The team of Onezea provides you with a list of some products that are absolutely essential for taking care of the basic necessities of a newborn. These are contemporary bunch of non-flashy products that come handy while taking care of your little bundle of new joy.

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Swaddles/receiving cloth: Swaddling is a practice of snugly wrapping a baby just after birth or you may continue the practice till you feel it makes baby feel toasty and secure. You may go for muslin swaddles in warm weather or flannels swaddles for colder weather.

Diapers: You can use diaper from the time baby is born. Expect to see meconium within 24 hours of the birth. Learn more about meconium on wiki . Nursed or bottle-fed, you will require loads of diapers.

Changing mat: Whether you are at home or outside, you will require changing mat. Baby cleaning is part of baby's growth. Changing mat ensures no matter where you changing, your baby is on the clean surface. In addition, it prevents the soiled diaper from spilling over to the changing surface; which mean less work for mommy; energy saved!

Onesies: One piece cloth that covers the baby's fragile body, fits well and allows for movements. It's easy to change nappies. Look into our collection.

Carseat: It's mandatory to have carseat in many countries. In countries where it is not, you can do without. Know more about car seats on how to choose carseat.

Burp cloths: Once you feed your baby, it's time for burping. Not all the babies need burping though. The pint-sized burp brings with it pint-sized spit-up that spoils your clothes. Burp clothes are small sized clothes that you can keep on you should when you tap away the burp.

Baby carrier: Don't underestimate this.No matter how handy a pram or stroller is for you, baby carrier wins over them. They keep your baby close to you, enhance eye-to-contact, make them feel more secure. All this enhances bonding which allows for better growth

Wipes: Mommies need to save time and energy. Safe, chemical free, disposable wipes come handy to clean up the little hands, face, and feet. You can even clean the soiled surface with a minimum amount of energy.

The next bunch of 10 products ensures a MOM is comfortable while she puts her efforts to take care of the little ones.  Happy mom; Happy baby. These products will ensure that YOU as a mom are comfortable, relaxed and at ease while you take care of your fragile little one; without burning a hole in your pocket or to put it better; waste money.

Nursing pillow: This may look flashy but it's NOT. We cannot recommend this enough. It's an extremely useful product if you are nursing your baby. Holding your baby close to you while nursing can cause immense pain in your back, shoulder and arms Our nursing pillow can be height adjusted according to the place and position you take while nursing making you feel more comfortable and at ease.

Nursing cream: Nursing you newborns can be extremely painful for you initially. Ensure you get organic creams which are effective to relieve that initial pain.

Pram/Stroller: Pram is for newborns while strollers are used by older babies. The main difference between the two is the seating position. To get a better idea which type of stroller to use, head over to post on stroller.

Bathtub cushion: The gentle bodies of little ones need extra care and support. Our Bathtub mat is soft and firm and perfect for bath time.

Diaper bag: Going out? Keep baby care stuff in this well-compartmentalized diaper bag. It has room for a variety of things which can be easily accessed. Carry a backpack or on the stroller.

Nappy caddie to move around in house: Keep your baby care items sorted in this caddie. Nappy caddie comes handy when you want a mobile changing station. Again, this product cannot be recommended enough. You don't want to run around the house looking for items when your baby needs a change. Be sorted and save your energy.

Co-sleeper: A little one needs love, care, and affection. The team at onezea totally supports co-sleeping which doesn't need any fancy crib or bassinet. A very helpful post on co-sleeping may help you with the decision. You are free to disagree with this and put your bub to sleep however you and your bub feel comfortable.



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