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Personal care is part of parenting: 7 handy tips to keep in mind

Mothers day-7 tips to keep in mind

Mother’s day is finally round the corner. There would be many among us who don’t believe in marking special days like ‘Mother’s day’ to feel special. I believe otherwise. As women, we have various roles to play and thus these marked days are strong reminders to us to pause from our hectic routines. It is a sharp reminder that we need to take a break and pat ourselves for not only playing our roles but playing it well.

So here’s wishing mothers all over the world;

                                    “A happy mother’s day.”

I would also like to take the opportunity to talk about my personal journey of being a mother and the important things I learned along my journey.
It was undeniably the most memorable day when I brought forth a tender life into the world. It was a completely new role that I was excited to take up; little did I know the complexities of the role.
Personal care
Mothering a child is highly rewarding at the same time we can get so caught up in the daily routine of caring for our child that we tend to forget about our own personal care. Raising my son taught me to take breaks often. I learned to refuel my own energies so that I could pour them effectively on my family members. If I hadn’t taken personal care of myself, I am sure that I wouldn’t have done a good job in taking care of my child efficiently. So, the family is important but your own well-being is of utter importance too.
Being prepared mentally
Another important aspect I learned about my persona when I chose the path of motherhood was my capacity to tolerate and my levels of patience. Maybe I was prepared about the challenges of parenthood. Equip yourself with loads of patience and tolerance power. How else you’d cope with sleepless nights, sickness, tantrums, and painful cries. You may have had a smooth ride with your first child but who can say how the second experience would turn out. Each child is different and every experience is different.
Decision on work
It is highly commendable how career-oriented women choose not to give up their careers despite having kids. It is a dicey decision to make, after all leaving behind smaller kids at home can be heart-breaking. There are others who take their own time to get back to work as giving attention to the child in the initial years is of prime importance to them. Some decide to give up their careers completely as the family comes first for these mothers which is completely acceptable. Whatever decision you make, don’t let guilt overwhelm you. Living by my choice and patting myself in the back for doing my best works best for me. In my case, I have chosen a work from home option that works best for me and my child.
Make fitness your priority
I know of numerous women who despite being good mothers, they do not sidetrack their health and fitness goals. I have numerous friends who make it a priority to jog, walk in the park after dropping off their children in schools. Some make it a point to visit the gym to indulge in high power exercises. There are few others who have turned to Yoga. An exercise program which becomes a part of your daily routine can do wonders not only for your body but for your mind too. Endorphins that are released in your body while you perform any sort of physical activity can equip you to face your day head-on.
Indulging in hobbies
One of the best things that happened to me is that I took to writing while taking care of my son in the initial years. It did wonders to my mind, body, and soul. It became a great source of self-expression. So whenever I needed to break I turned to write. The best part is that my passion has transformed into a career for me. Not every hobby can transform into a full-fledged career albeit it can help you learn, grow and equip you with loads of confidence. Be it gardening, reading, writing or dancing. Go and indulge yourself in your passion. It is who you are.
Declutter your life and get organized
Getting rid of unwanted stuff at home helped reduce my stress levels to a large extent. Having a kid at home means that you can load up your home with unwanted stuff and this could make you feel disoriented at times. Excess clutter can cause stress and affect various aspects of your life from finances to health. So, get organized, declutter and experience the positive changes in your life. It made a difference to mine.
A strong community
Another important factor that helps me in dealing with the challenges of being a mother is building my own support system. A circle of friends and family with whom I can share, converse, chat, vent and most importantly laugh. We need to work towards creating that space for ourselves. This personal space of friends and family can do wonders for you. They are your pillars of strength and support.
Motherhood is a great teacher. It has taught me to be more human, more understanding and to see the lighter side of the world through a child’s eyes. It is one of the best rewards a woman could ask for however mother’s day is not necessarily marked only for biological mothers. There are so many mothers who don’t have children of their own. They are also defined as mothers too because they carry the spirit of motherhood and warmth. You can be a mother to your younger sibling, a mother to your adopted child, a mother to your pet. So while you enjoy every aspect of motherhood, don’t forget the real woman behind the wonderful mother that you are. As for me, I would use this day to celebrate my dearest mother for being an inspiration and for all the wonderful things she’s taught me along life’s complex journey. Kudos to all the wonderful mothers on this very special day.

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